Why Us?

Our efforts and proven methods are carefully designed to have the right impact on your credit scores with the three bureaus. We take great care in thoroughly analyzing your credit reports. This gives us the chance to build a solid foundation for a strong case with the three bureaus. The results are used in the next stage without requiring you to carry the process out manually.

Any gaps, or a piece of information, that can be used to get you the benefit of the doubt are highlighted and well utilized. The disputes, that we do file on your behalf, are based on these assessments. This gives you the best chance to come clean and advance towards the next big dream that you may have.

All disputes are not created equal. Some of them are more complicated and take more time and energy to be tackled smartly. We handle such cases for you by taking care of the growing challenges proactively. Our augmented dispute level takes the progressive escalation of such disputes as a part of our services for you.

Chris Robinson

CEO of Impact Credit Solutions

A word from the CEO:


My name is Chris Robinson and I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and welcome you.

I have owned multiple businesses geared to help people get into homes and help businesses get off the ground by addressing their unique situations.

Being a father and husband has taught me how important it is to have a solid foundation to build one’s life upon. Since credit is paramount to success in life, I have taken a vested and personal interest in helping people, families, and communities to better their lifestyles through better credit.

As a Marine, integrity, and honor have always been my priority. Bringing those high standards and disciplines into this business enables us to prioritize people and their situations.  Serving this country enabled me to grow as a marine and as a citizen. I want to bring the values I hold dear to my heart to other people.

I and my team look forward to working with you on your journey. Let’s see where we can go.


Chris Robinson