Impact Credit Consultants

Better Credit. Better Life. Better You.

Our Process:

Report Analysis

We don’t just let you know about negative items. We dive deeper and work with you on what to do to maximize your potential after our credit forecast.

Credit Education

Since the financial world can be confusing, we help educate you on your credit,  teach good spending habits, saving habits and credit use. Building a good foundation is important when making a permanent impact on your life.

Broker Connection

We’ve got the connections to help get you set up for credit excellence. From Secured Cards, Credit Reports, all the way to mortgage options, we’ve got some of the best partners in multiple industries.

Our Goals

Establishing or repairing credit can be scary. At Impact Credit Consultants, we help you keep tabs on your current situation as well as help grow potential.

Our team of experts make sure that your credit situation is handled with care because we understand professionalism and experience make a difference when interacting.

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What our customers think about us

I started using Impact Credit Consultants, LLC about 2 years ago. I had made some bad choices early in life with my credit and was not taught how much it would matter later in life. I found ICC LLC and have been with them around 2 years. I’ve seen my credit score go from mid-400s to mid-600s. I have credit cards that I use responsibly and now have the education to continue to make my credit score keep increasing. It’s amazing what they taught me. Thank you for literally turning my life around, ICC LLC!

Matt L In Colorado

“… I have had an excellent experience with them.  They have been doing everything that they said that they were going to do.  They send out disputes through all three credit agencies…”
“ … A representative calls me every week to discuss progress.  And we go over my credit rating once a month.  They are very honest and straight forward.”

Cindyfrom Yelp!

My mom joined first about a few months ago and right away we began seeing results for her. After seeing how happy she was about her credit becoming better, I decided to join as well. Ever since we've both joined, Impact has done nothing but keep us happy and help our credit!

Katavia L

Impact Credit did amazing work for me!! when I started my credit score was a 545. I am currently at a 685 and was able to get numerous credit cards at very low interest rates!! Their customer service was great, I highly recommend using them if you are looking to improve your credit to get a mortgage or car. I look forward to seeing others reviews on how they helped them as well A+ service truly was, they work with you in so many ways give you a client portal so you are able to see all the work they do and they work fast and I saw results within a very good time frame!

Allan A

The first step to improving your credit score is understanding it.